I Don’t Get Apple Video Rentals

Am I missing something? I just rented a movie from Apple’s iTunes for the first time. And I don’t get it. The movie (a one gigabyte download) was delivered at 4″ x 9″ and I could barely make out the details at the “actual size” setting. If I toggled it to “full screen” on my little 20″ monitor it was all blown out and pixelated and practically unviewable. Are Apple movie rentals really only produced for the iPhone and video iPod? That seems nutty. Even with today’s gas prices, it’s cheaper to take a simple detour to BlockBuster and rip a high quality version with HandBrake.

Sarah Silverman is still a hottie even when pixelated…but I probably won’t be renting movies from Apple again. Seriously, I don’t understand why people would pay BlockBuster prices for such low quality video.