Mykonos Secure Web Application

Mykonos is the latest project that I have been working on, providing web design, search engine optimization, and blog theme development.

The Mykonos Secure Web Application Framework provides application teams with a full range of critical capabilities for coding, compiling, deploying, and maintaining the most secure Web applications.

For developers, these include a Web-based interface design suite, a large component library, and the widest range of security capabilities: input validation, XSS filtering, encryption, transport layer security, session management, authentication, logging, and code obfuscation.

For Administrators, a push service keeps production applications secure using Mykonos Managed Updates, a service that provides updates to the application layer, including security patches and new functionality.

The Mykonos Developer Kit is available today for free to developers, under a license that enables them to use Mykonos for application development and testing.

Mykonos Secure Web Application Software

Visit the Mykonos Software website for more information.

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