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  1. Ben
    Ben says:

    Just wanted to let you know that we at Newdigs love your design work. It’s great to see that there is so much web development talent in the Rochester area. If you ever want to stop by our offices at RIT’s incubator, just give a shout.

  2. angie jernejcic
    angie jernejcic says:

    love the design – reminds me of neville brody’s work or paiula scher’s work of the NY dance company. I used to work with martin waaaaay back when. ask him about clarity and pork. hopefully he’ll laugh if it doesn’t send him into therapy. i like your design work, and am learning a bit more about the current web (now that i’ve decided my hiatus from design and advertising is over) from your blog/site, so thank you for that. good luck with your business ventures. . . you sound like a great, upbeat chap to work with!

    take care,


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