Pella Windows & Doors is Throwing Money Out the Proverbial “Window”

Pella Windows needs a new advertising agency, pronto.

I’m in the market for a few (five, actually), quality, pre-hung windows—so of course I fired up my old friend Google and did a search on “pre-hung window”. Most of the search results were for tips on how to install your own windows…but I wanted to BUY windows, not install them.

Pella Windows has a great reputation and their Google AdWords ad was the ONLY relevant result on the entire page. That’s an Internet Marketers wet dream—a buyer who is deep into the “buying cycle”, ready to make a purchase, ready to pull the trigger, and Pella was the only (in my opinion) obvious choice. Done deal, right?


This buyer was swiftly and obediently delivered to an error page. Pella not only lost the sale, but they spent good money accomplishing it. They were still charged for the click, but had absolutely no way of realizing a return on their ad spend. And I’m just ONE buyer. Consider how how much money Pella is literally throwing out the window every day on this worthless (and presumably, expensive) campaign.

pella window seach results

pella window PPC landing page

The shame isn’t that they wasted a $2.30 click. It’s that they lost a $1000.00 deal. That would have been a pretty good ROI on a sub-three dollar marketing investment.

The point is this: Pay-per-click marketing isn’t a “set-it-and-forget-it” game. It has to be monitored daily, and conversions have to be measured. Every marketing dollar needs to be accounted for. If your agency or consultant isn’t doing this, fire them.

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