OMMA Publisher Conference

Overall the OMMA Publisher Conference was very worthwhile. The panel discussion on ad networks became extremely heated and then finally crescendoed with Adventive’s David Koretz challenging Rocket Fuel’s Richard Frankel to “make history” by guaranteeing to double CPMs for publishers on their own network.

I was very surprised at what a crazy low-tech world the advertising industry is still living in. There are huge inefficiencies in the display ad transaction process and an overall lack of dialog and bad communications happening in the media buy process. They are still relying on fax machines to get deals done. Fax machines! One panel speaker mentioned that he’d love it if someone could just design a simple way for buyers to easily do deals. The industry needs to figure out how to transact in a more digital way.

Yahoo’s panelist provided the take-away quote for me:
“Give the consumer a gift. Make advertising a gift to the consumer.”

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