A New Year – A New Logo

A new year is approaching and I am living in a brand new city (Baltimore) so I thought I’d start it out right by designing a fresh new logo for myself.

I wanted to avoid treading down the “obvious” path by simply pixelating the wordmark, but I did want to create a stylized pixel to somehow tie it all together with the name. I went with a modified version of Century Gothic for the text since the letterforms are almost the complete opposite of pixel shaped. I customized the baselines, caplines, and meanlines to make it all my own.

Orange and black have always been my brand colors so I stuck with those, as this is more of a re-design than a re-brand. The three-dimensional pixel is a metaphor for the fact that I also do traditional print and product design in addition to digital. I faded back the top block color becasue I thought the two orange shapes started to suggest a mohawk and I wanted the viewer’s eye to complete the cube shape.

It’s clean. It’s simple. I think it works.

New Year - New Pixelpunk Logo

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