Monro Muffler Redesign

Monro Muffler Redesign Screenshot

After months of development, the website redesign for Monro Muffler & Brake is complete! Both the front-end user experience and the back-end business systems were completely re-architected for simplicity, usability, and productivity.

The redesign was a collaborative effort between the talented programming and development folks over at Innovative Solutions, the expert online business strategy and project management of Giraph Works, and Pixelpunk (that’s me!) developed the application user interface and handled all of the web design and XHTML/CSS coding.

The management team at Monro was wonderful to work with, too. We had direct access to both the President and the VP of Marketing of the company throughout the entire process. They are very creative folks and had super great ideas of their own to contribute. They are absolutely passionate about their business and about serving their customers in the best way possible. It was a privilege to work with them.

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