Local Search, Local Trust

People underestimate the importance and power of local search.

Take this real-world scenario as an example:

Jody is a great friend with very expensive taste. She is searching Google this very minute, trying to find a fancy spa in the Rochester area because she knows it will make a perfect wedding shower gift for her friend, Salley.

Jody has searched the Web before, though, and she knows that if she simply types in the phrase, ‘Day Spa’, she won’t find what she is looking for. Instead, she types, ‘Day Spa Rochester’. “Oops, too many results from Minnesota!.” She forgot about that… that happens all the time. She refines her query to, ‘Day Spa Rochester NY’. She also needs a gift certificate, so she refines her search yet again.

If you happend to be the local business that was smart enough to optimize your landing page for the keywords: day – spa – rochester – ny – gift – certificate; you just made $215.00 (without even trying very hard) and can look forward to a lifetime of repeat business (in addition to future referrals to friends and family) from a very special customer.

Okay, enough story-telling…here’s the tip: Local search drives highly qualified and highly focused traffic right to your front door. You want some of that action, right? Simple. Just add your business address, phone number and zip code to the footer of every page on your site and you will dramatically increase your chances of winning these precious customers.

By the way…those longer, more targeted search phrases? This is referred to as ‘implied intent’. They are ready and willing to become customers.

Not only will you rank higher in the search engines for targeted local searches, but you will also look more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of the visitor. People tend to trust a company that is not afraid to put their contact information all over the place. A business that encourages customer contact and feedback just appears to be more honest, reliable and above-board.

People are skeptical when shopping online. Make it easy for them to trust you. Trust, (even if it is just ‘perceived’ or ‘emotional’ trust) is good for your brand, and is good for your bottom line. This one’s a no-brainer.

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