Little Darlings Web Design

I don’t really have the time to do freelance work anymore, but I did manage to whip this one up over the weekend for my friend Kim and her new business venture, Little Darlings, Inc.. I took on the project mostly because I wanted more experience setting up an e-commerce site using Network Solutions’ Pro E-Commerce platform. Kim’s a good friend, so I made an exception to my self-imposed “No. More. Freelance. Ever.” rule. Apologies to Joan Crawford.

While I was at it, I gave her site a little face lift and re-coded the entire thing with standards-based XHTML and CSS. A complete separation of presentation from structure – design from data. Here’s the “Before” shot. This project was a soup-to-nuts website redesign and e-commerce implementation completed in just 28 hours. Not too shabby.

Little Darlings Screenshot

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