Ketel One is Good Vodka. Too Bad The Website Sucks.

I’m a marketing and advertising guy. I also read Inc. Magazine every month, and every month I see and pay attention to those quirky, simple little ads for Ketel One Vodka. Effective advertising, apparently…as today I purchased my first bottle of Ketel One and just moments ago poured one of the better tasting martinis that I’ve had in a long long time.

Too bad their website sucks.

The entire site is designed in flash (not necessarily a bad thing when done correctly). It opens a new window (without my permission), overtaking all available screen real estate (I have other things that I’m working on, Mr. Nolet, don’t disrupt my workspace, please.). It also disables the status bar on the browser window (Is the site loading? Where does this link go?), and it removes the bookmark toolbar (I drag my favorite sites into the very toolbar that you just disabled. Too bad for you, Ketel.). Worst of all, it removes the navigation toolbar, effectively holding the visitor hostage, since they now no longer have access to the home button, the back button, or any other way to type a new URL and go somewhere else.

But that’s not why I am annoyed. I am annoyed because the videos won’t load.

I mean, after all that aggravation, turns out that the damn site is broken. I mean broken broken…it doesn’t work in FireFox, Safari or Camino, I tried them all, both on my MacBook and my turbo charged G5 desktop. (Yes, that single tasty martini turned me into *that* kind of passionate consumer and fan…I *really* wanted to experience more of the Ketel brand and watch those videos.) But I was left sitting there like *I* did something wrong. It took me ten minutes of screwing around to convince myself that it was that was the problem, and not me.

Anyway, I abandoned the site, I gave up.

I have to say, though, that even though the website left a bad taste in my mouth, the vodka is still pretty wonderful. I might even buy it again.

Ketel One Website Screen Shot

EDIT: Turns out that the videos do work on a PC. The Ketel people apparently just don’t like Apple users, that’s all. BTW, that’s like saying, “Go Away” to almost 10% of your online visitors. And no, given the new opportunity to view their videos on a PC, I declined.

Dear Ketel, embed your videos in flash, so everyone can enjoy them.

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