Baton Rouge Business Report

Baton Rouge Business Report

Totally stoked that I was interviewed for the latest edition of the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report. The South is being very kind to me!

Baton Rouge Business Report

Rochester Skyline at Night

WXXI – Company Town

The folks at WXXI fell in love with a photo that I shot of the Douglas-Anthony Bridge and asked to use it in some of their online promotional material. What an honor! They used the photo to promote their new ‘Company Town’ series about successful companies that got their start in Rochester, NY. Here is a link to their ‘Special Series: Company Town‘ articles, audio podcasts, and videos.


Below is the original photo, shot with a Canon 40D, ISO 200, at f22, for 30 Seconds.

Rochester Skyline at Night

Sadly, the less-than-ethical folks at Piehler Buick GMC decided to steal the image without permission in order to promote (and profit from) their own website. I’m curious to know, who would buy a new or used car from thieves?

piehler rochester ny


Email Maketing Tip: Hit’em Again (Friendly Reminder), Double Open Rates

I don’t know if this email marketing tip will work for everyone, but it nearly doubles my open rates most of the time.

After I send out an email newsletter, I’ll wait a few days, download the report, then segment the ‘opens’ and click-throughs from the ‘un-opens’. I then create a new group called ‘campaign-reminder_xx-xx-2011′ (so they still can opt-out if they wish, keeping everything above-board) and send just the ‘un-opens’ a simple and friendly, text-only note with a brief re-cap, letting the ‘un-opens’ know that the newsletter is now online to view at their convenience, in case they missed it the first time in their inbox.

Please note: I didn’t say, “Send the same newsletter blast twice”. I said, “Send a simple and friendly, text-only note with a brief re-cap”, reminding them that the newsletter is now online. Due to unreliable and inaccurate open rate tracking, some of the people you send the reminder to did, in fact, open it the first time. You don’t want to annoy these folks with a duplicate re-send.

This almost always doubles my open-rates, and very few people have ever opted-out due to the reminder blast. Those who do opt-out, have never clicked-through or opened in the past anyway, so it weeds out the unqualified customers and scrubs the list.

More importantly, my open rate on subsequent blasts generally goes up, presumably because people in the ‘reminder’ blast now know that they can expect quality content from the newsletters and not just a sales pitch.

Due to the naming convention (alphabetical/date), it’s easy to view in Constant Contact (or whatever email delivery platform you are using) the difference in open rates from the initial campaign from the reminder.

This strategy also allows you to play and experiment with timing of the reminders. e.g.: Measure the reminder opens 4, 5, or even 7 days after the initial blast.

It takes a little extra spreadsheet work to shore up the numbers to determine the ‘true’ open rate of the campaign, but if your company enjoys a nice measurable ROI through newsletter marketing, it’s well worth the extra effort.

Your mileage may vary.