Create Brand Loyalty with Great Customer Service

I recently opened an account with, an online training service offering on-demand video tutorials covering a wide variety of software applications. It’s a great service with super-high-quality content and I have learned a lot…it would have been a bargain at twice the price, seriously.

Anyway, I had an issue with my account that was completely my own fault. I won’t get into the goofy-stupid details, but basically, I screwed up. I sent a note to’s customer service department…not really expecting them to have pity on me or even to respond, but I thought, “oh, what the hell”. In my opinion, only about 1 in 1000 companies really ‘get’ good customer service, but I had nothing to lose. I took a shot.

Not only did bend over backwards to take care of my request immediately…I also received a personal follow-up note from one of their customer service reps. She wanted to make sure that I was, indeed, a happy customer and that the issue was handled to my satisfaction (thanks, Julie!).

What does this story have to do with Internet Marketing?

A lot!

I love I cannot stop telling people what a great product this company offers and I have re-told this story to at least 20 of my friends (and they will tell at least 20 of their own friends). As a result of this word-of-mouth marketing, many of my friends (and my friends’ friends) are now customers.

The bottom line: A company is nothing without its customers, and happy customers are your company’s greatest assets. Do you have great customer service? Are you building your brand with great customer service?

Customer service is the new Internet Marketing. Let your customers sell for you.

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Here are some useful tools to help you with your Web marketing efforts:

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Chatting with Seth Godin

I had the opportunity to chat with Seth Godin yesterday for a little while. The author of Permission Marketing, Unleashing the Idea Virus and Small Is The New Big was in Rochester to speak with members of the Rochester Chapter of the American Marketing Association (RAMA). He’s a down-to-earth and genuinely nice guy…I think the word, “authentic” would best describe him. We talked about word-of-mouth marketing, blogs, and the influence that blogging has on the behavior and emotions of its readers. He’s got this uncanny way of telling you things that you already know…but in a way that gets you totally stoked up and ready to to move the bar higher. It was a great time and I appreciate that my employer, Innovative Solutions, sponsored the event.

Seth Godin: small is the new big