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This is a product demo that I recently created for my employer, BlueTie. Since my Mom isn’t really quite sure what I do for a living, I thought I’d post this little demo with an explanation of what BlueTie does.

BlueTie is a fully-featured hosted email, calendaring and collaboration solution for businesses of all sizes. We offer 10GB business email (with 25MB attachments), shared calendars, contacts and file management, task management, instant messaging, and integrated spam and virus protection. Oh, and we also have live phone and email customer support (not that you’ll need it, since it’s so easy to use).

Companies who use BlueTie can private label the application with their own corporate look-and-feel and use their own domain name (e.g. It’s like Outlook and Hosted Exchange, except it’s Web-based so you have anywhere, anytime access to all of your critical data (at a fraction of the cost). It’s sold on the (SaaS) Software as a Service model, which means users simply pay a small monthly subscription fee and BlueTie handles all of the backups, upgrades, spam and virus control, and network management. We have a little over 2 million users using our software, just to give you a scope of how big we are (and how popular it is).

But that’s just BlueTie’s flagship product. We’re developing lots of other cool and innovative stuff and have two game-changing product announcements that will happen within the next few months. Stay tuned.

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