RSA Direct Mail Campaign – Build a Better In-Plant

The last deliverables for RSA’s “Build a Better In-Plant” direct mail campaign just dropped. The campaign included three direct mail pieces (with personalized PURLs), email follow-ups, and dedicated web landing pages where the prospect could collect the unique offer associated with each piece (in exchange for some personal information, of course!). I was responsible for deliverables from concept, to design, to production, to print-ready digital files.

I teamed up with copywriter and marketing strategist David LeVant to put a new spin on the ol’ “Build a Better Mousetrap” concept in the form of a downloadable infographic and “Success Kit”. We used industry data (readily available to our client but not to their prospects) to help print center managers make their own operations more successful. We followed up the inforgraphic with a ‘Success Kit’ PDF that showed how other successful in-plants are marketing themselves and how they can do the same.

David and I have worked on dozens of projects for together for RSA, including a complete rebranding of their company back in 2010. This included everything from a new logo, sales collateral, direct mail, web pages, email templates, trade-show booths, print advertising, etc. We’re quite a team even though we live 1,361 miles apart. Skype, email, dropbox, and cell phones make collaborating seamless and I fly back a few times a year to catch up with my N.Y. clients and creative partners for one-on-ones in person.

Direct Mail - Build a Better Infographic Printable, Vector-Based Infographic

Direct Mail - Dedicated Landing Page (PURL) Personalized Landing Page (PURL)

Direct Mail - Marketing Your In-Plant Front Printed Direct Mail Piece (Success Kit Front)

Direct Mail - Marketing Your In-Plant Back Printed Direct Mail Piece (Success Kit Back)

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