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Welcome to the Hippodrome

I was on my daily #BMORE walk when I came across this cool looking theater sign with an even cooler sounding name. Apparently it was a former vaudeville theater built in the early 1900’s. Fun fact: Frank Sinatra first performed with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra right here at the Hippodrome. I had Public Enemy’s “Welcome to the Terrordome” stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

meta: 1/250 sec / f2.8 / ISP 80 / iPhone 4 w/ transfer filter applied

Hippodrome Theatre

39° 17′ 23.472″ N / Longitude: 76° 37′ 14.562″ W

Smell the Magnolias

Freelancers: Take Time to Smell the Magnolias

As a freelancer, I love the fact that I can walk outside my front door and take time to smell the magnolias every once in a while. I think its important for people untether themselves from their computer and smart-phones now and again to simply stop and enjoy and appreciate the beauty of life. For myself, it really helps to re-charge the creative batteries. I caught a lady bug doing the same thing this morning.

Lady Bug Magnolias

Shot with a Canon 40D – EF S60mm – f/2.8 Macro – 1/250sec – f/5.6 – ISO 400