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I was a little worried about having to rebuild the ‘pixelpunk’ brand down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after our relocation; starting from scratch after all of the hard-earned brand equity I had acquired (and subsequently coddled) after all of these years in New York. But according to, services like the ones I provide are more in demand than ever before. I have a proven track record. I think I’ll do okay.

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F. Olivers

F. Oliver’s: Part Deux

One of my favorite clients, Penelope, just opened her second F. Oliver’s store on Park Avenue last week! The store looks absolutely phenomenal and I am so grateful and proud to have had the opportunity to work on this new project with her. I can’t wait to work with her on stores number three and four!

Penelope approached me last year with the genius idea of opening a retail store that featured artisan, hand-crafted extra virgin olive oils, and aged, flavor-infused balsamic vinegars. I helped her with her branding; developing a logo, marketing collateral, a website, product and packaging design, an e-commerce solution, and various other branding elements (like the posters you see on the walls, etc.).

I love these kinds of projects because you get to help shape every aspect of the business and really become a partner with your client. I feel like when Penelope succeeds, so do I, and that is a very rewarding experience.

F. Olivers Store Detail #1

F. Olivers Store Detail #2


God is in the Design’s Details

The smallest details of a design are noticed even if it doesn’t register consciously. It’s intuition. People will make important decisions about how they feel about your design within the first 60 seconds of interacting with it. People do judge books by their covers, make no mistake about it.