F. Olivers

F. Oliver’s: Part Deux

One of my favorite clients, Penelope, just opened her second F. Oliver’s store on Park Avenue last week! The store looks absolutely phenomenal and I am so grateful and proud to have had the opportunity to work on this new project with her. I can’t wait to work with her on stores number three and four!

Penelope approached me last year with the genius idea of opening a retail store that featured artisan, hand-crafted extra virgin olive oils, and aged, flavor-infused balsamic vinegars. I helped her with her branding; developing a logo, marketing collateral, a website, product and packaging design, an e-commerce solution, and various other branding elements (like the posters you see on the walls, etc.).

I love these kinds of projects because you get to help shape every aspect of the business and really become a partner with your client. I feel like when Penelope succeeds, so do I, and that is a very rewarding experience.

F. Olivers Store Detail #1

F. Olivers Store Detail #2


God is in the Design’s Details

The smallest details of a design are noticed even if it doesn’t register consciously. It’s intuition. People will make important decisions about how they feel about your design within the first 60 seconds of interacting with it. People do judge books by their covers, make no mistake about it.

Google Plus Thumbnail

The Google +1 button for websites is here!

So Google’s been rolling out this “+1” concept for a few of months now, and we’re finally able to integrate the +1 button into our own content to let people recommend it to others on Google search. It just takes two lines of code to add it to your website.

Here’s a live example of the +1 button integrated into this blog post:

Go ahead! If you “like” and recommend this post, click the “1” folder above.

Seriously, here’s why adding a Google’s +1 button to your site is important:

  1. Google is the #1 search engine in the world and people trust them. When people recommend your content, their friends and contacts will also see it and it becomes like a personal recommendation. People trust their friends, so their acquaintances will be more inclined to click your link rather than a competitor. Combine these two trust factors and your have a win-win situation for all party’s involved.
  2. It’s a new feature, so people will notice it more. Your listing will become more visible. +1 recommendations will stick out like sore thumb in the short-term. It’s important now, more than ever, to write great Title tags and META descriptions to entice users to click.
  3. Will it help to improve your organic search rankings? Google will never tell. But my feeling is, when a user clicks your link, Google can tell if you thought that link was relevant (e.g. you didn’t hit the ‘back’ button immediately, how long you stayed on the page, you bookmarked it, etc.). This sends a signal to Google that you thought that the content was relevant. It may be more noticeable for personalized search rather than in the general index, but it will be counted as a ranking factor, both ways.
  4. It’s pretty much like the “Like” button in Facebook. People are now familiar with that concept, and will be more likely to recommend you because of this familiarity. It’s like giving your stamp of approval or endorsement on a page or URL, just like on Facebook. You should start seeing better qualified traffic from Google.
  5. Google is now counting “Social Signals” in their algorithm (So I guess that further clarifies item #3). At the PubCon conference I attended in 2010, Google made it crystal clear they were factoring in Twitter mentions and re-tweets and Facebook ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ as a positive signal of relevance.
  6. It’s stupid simple to implement, Google will appreciate it, so why wouldn’t you do it?


Apparently there is an issue with the +1 Button rendering in IE8. Go figure. Below are some screenshots of the results for those who have crappy browsers. Here is the documentation to implement your own.

google +1 results screenshot

Google +1 update screenshot